Saturday, November 29, 2008

BERMUDA: Paradise Lost & The Rise of a Dictatorship

Prior to the rise of the PLP (Progressive Labour Party), Bermuda was a safe haven for tourists and law abiding citizens. The life style in Bermuda was exemplified by the college girl's mother, who stated that she sends her daughter to Bermuda instead of Florida during college weeks because if she gets into trouble, it will be with the right kind of people. (Saturday Evening Post, May 26, 1962 issue... article on Bermuda College Weeks..entitled "Bermuda: Where the Girls Are.")

This all came to a halt beginning with the PLP instigated riots in 1965, which were led by radical left wing agitators and political rabble rousers that eventually led to the assassination of the Governor and his aide, the Police Commissioner, along with some white business owners. This blog upsets many of those Ewart Brown lackeys - that's the  objective of the blog - get it ?

Today, you have a racist wannabe dictator in the form of Ewart Brown - a former student radical from the USA 1960's riots. He was prominently associated with the Black Panthers and other violent radical elements in the USA, and in 1974, he acquired U.S. Citizenship, a requirement for which you must forswear allegiance to any other country. Thus, he gave up his Bermuda citizenship in order to benefit from his US citizenship. What price convenience now Mr. Brown? He became premier of Bermuda (thereby losing his US citizenship) by appealing to the racist element in the black population, and surrounded himself with racist cabinet members - all of whom seek self-serving power and financial rewards from their offices...some of whom are/were members of the Black Beret and other radical violent groups. They succeeded with a racist agenda in convincing 55% of the voters to elect them into to power - however, a large percentage of those voters are smart enough to see through the continued racist rhetoric and dictatorial ambitions of Brown, and do not support his plans to take Bermuda into independence.
If Bermuda had effective and comprehensive political anti-corruption laws similar to those in the USA and UK, then Ewart Brown and his cohorts would be in jail by now. As it is, he has used his position of trust to enrich himself at Bermudians cost, and set up his multi-million residence back in the USA, where I am sure he will be eventually joined by his convicted criminal family members.

In 1960, there were 95 police officers in the Bermuda Police Force - today there are over ***500 (the highest per capita police ratio to population in the world) - murder, rape, drugs, robberies, are now the norm in Bermuda - it is no longer a safe haven for residents or tourists. Similar to large cities in the USA - where the majority black population tries to govern itself - violent and radical groups control the city politicians, which in turn leads the criminal elements to justify their activity under the guise of political rhetoric - blame it on "whitey" - we've been oppressed for so long. Ewart Brown and his cohorts throw in the added hackneyed "colonial" and "plantation" phrases at every opportunity.

The extremes to which Ewart brown and his radical PLP cohorts will go to in pushing their agenda, is reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi regime and Stalin's communist purges to brainwash and re-write history. They have set about removing Bermuda's heritage to the United Kingdom. e.g. eliminating the Queen's Birthday Holiday, removing the Botanical Gardens, renaming monuments and buildings, confiscation and restrictions on sale of private property...and the absurd claim that blacks are indigenous people to Bermuda. Ex-pats to carry ID cards etc. Next will come burning books and flags. The union members, and criminal elements on the island, attacked police who had been called out to protect life and property from the unruly mobs that had gathered in Hamilton. Then in 1972/3, the Governor and his aide, the Police Commissioner, and two white shopkeepers, were murdered by racist motivated individuals who had been brain-washed by the radical self-serving politicians of the PLP and the black racist group - the Black Berets - a self styled Bermudian group seeking to emulate the notorious American Black Panthers, who had assassinated many American police officers.
This blog has been viewed by several thousand people - and raises the hair on many - that is the objective of this blog - get it!

Note: One of Bermuda's leading black politicians, Sir John Swan, made the analogy between the PLP and Hitler several years ago.
Ewart Brown's recent question "What price convenience?" should be answered, "What price freedom from dictatorship and radical violence?"
With his police car and armed guard escorts - Ewart Brown and his cohorts are only a couple of goose-steps away from their final grasp for total power.

The recent problems with the settlement of the Uighur terrorist suspects to Bermuda from the USA, highlights the efforts of Brown and his ambitions. It also put Bermuda on the terrorist and rabble rouser radar screens. The most racist have now arrived and stirred up trouble. Al Sharpton, decided to make a visit to Bermuda after the "no-confidence" vote failed. Sharpton is notorious, and well known for spreading false racist stories to advance his own agenda, which has taken a backseat in the media since Obama was elected. He should fit in well with Brown's program, and bring even more problems to Bermuda with his racist rhetoric. And then of course came black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan. He created even more turmoil with the police gang problems. A sign of things to come. Turmoil, divide and confuse. Will anyone speak out?

What did become of that cedar beam?

Ewart Brown falls into the category of dictators who enrich themselves from the public purse. The "son-of-the-soil" web site on (click on Bermuda)
is a good insight into Brown's modus operandi.

Another news release dated July 19, 2009, from WikiLeaks web site makes interesting reading vis-a-vis the FCO action and report on corruption in Turks and Caicos and other British colonies:

"Many British protectorates have corrupt leadership, which means the the FCO can pick and choose its interventions at whim, something that corrupt but assertive leadership in British protectorates such as Bermuda must be noting with alarm...whether the leaders of such former colonies choose to stop looting their countries or choose to placate the UK government in other ways remains to be seen, but it is clear which way the incentives lay."

It would appear that Brown is on the UK government radar screen in more ways than one.

You can now begin to chronicle the rise of Brown's dictatorship program - just like Hitler and the Nazi party, and more recently those parts of Africa under a dictatorship.

Take defacto control of Bermuda's foreign policy and split from the UK.
Abolish local government in Hamilton and St. George.
Concentrate power and patronage in central party government - e.g. forgive $6 million loan to union. Set up office in Washington....etc.
Refuse to attend the regular meeting with the Governor, until he was told that it is a requirement because the Governor represents the State. Brown learned that there are checks and balances in place that thwart his schemes for total power.

You can watch it unfold on a regular basis by reading the Royal Gazette...which Brown has been unable to silence...yet. Will he succeed and get rid of the editor?

Brown's attempt to curry favor with Obama could have a very interesting presidential pardon outcome with two of his sons in jail. Bank robbery and rape - and corrupt politicians - some family...will we see them all coming to live on the island? They will blend well with Bermuda's new landscape.

All this on what was once a quiet, peaceful, island of 60,000 - a paradise lost!

The Royal Gazette recently reported on the new laws allowing police to enter a home without a search warrant...the new laws exempt medical records, bank statements, and cell phone records - they require a special hearing before a judge...interesting - I wonder who put this section in the law - and on the same page there was the story about post office officials checking on ALL residents to see if they comply with the rules to have the correct information listed. One can only shake one's head and wonder what will come next.

The violent crime in Bermuda has steadily increased since the PLP and its of
I will end this part of the story with the prediction that more people will be shot and killed...and then after a few weeks of outrage...all will return to the violence and use of guns by the criminal element...and continued corruption within the Ewart Brown and cohorts led government.

August, 2010 - As violence escalates in Bermuda, and Brown is about to depart from office, it can be said, "Brown lined his own pockets at the public expense, and turned Bermuda into a 3rd rate tourist destination"

It is now interesting in 2010 that Brown has acquired several million dollar homes in Bermuda and the USA since his arrival back to Bermuda as a poverty struck American citizen. He has added millions of dollars to his personal treasure chest while overseeing Bermuda's loss of wealth and misuse of public money.
And his PLP cohorts still don't get it. Suckers are born every minute.    Brown's plans came into being and then gained control of the government. The corruption by leaders of the government grows in proportion with the violent crime...they grow hand-in-hand.

As it started, so it ends: BERMUDA: Paradise Lost.

Later notes as it never stops:
Ewart Brown as head of the government and the so called tourism department, participated in the giant "Faith based tourism" scandal which stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Bermudian government finances. Now, compare this to the 2012 Dive Magazine story, which was unable to receive a penny from the government tourism office to help with two  feature articles about Bermuda's diving experiences. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out this problem. 

Recently, with Ewart Brown out of office and out of favor, serious attempts are being made to bring his wrongdoing to light. It should bring the PLP  government to an end - we will see how dumb the electorate really is at the next election. Update: The PLP lost the election - some common sense has filtered down to the voters.

Recent  events provide fodder for a few laughs:

The continuing Bazarian saga, that began with Ewart Brown, still dances along  with the "developer" now telling us that the project is about to get underway - albeit, a less costly adventure - and still no word where the money will come from. A typical Donald Trump style BS scheme that lines the pockets of the developer and a few political hacks. Believe me, it will never get built even close to the grandiose scheme originally flouted by Ewart Brown and his now missing entourage. But, of course, he now has his multi-million dollar home on Martha's Vineyard  financed by Bermudian money under the guise of a trust fund...the term "trust" is a good question for all of Brown's schemes.
Of course, it finally came to an end - nothing was ever built, as predicted above,  Bazarian and Brown filled their pockets with taxpayer money, and both have now departed from the scene.

The Royal Gazette reports that 25% of the work force in Bermuda is either unemployed or
under-employed. We can only guess how many members of the PLP staff and government does that include???
There was a poplar saying years ago  - "My name is Brown - call me asshole" - a polite term
for the ultimate con man Bermuda has ever seen...and they tried to intimidate the Royal Gazette by taking away government funding - who knows what disaster Brown and his lackeys would have brought to bear on all Bermudians.

Now the PLP has been removed.
The idiots left still hold out for a miracle casino fix.
No one with any common sense and casino business experience, such as Sheldon Adelson, Steve Wynn, or Sol Kerzner, would even give Bermuda a split-second thought for a casino would be a big loser out of the box...period.
Wake up guys - first, get your house in order.

FOOTNOTE:  The Ian Davies tragic story.
Ian was severely injured by rioters during the Belco union riots in 1965. He was awarded the Police Medal, and sent back to the UK with a small pension. Ian died at home in Cambridge, UK  in June 2005.

Blame and causes lie with Colonial Office - Commissioner Robbins - The BIU union leadership with their vicious and violent planned attack on police at the Belco riot.
Commissioner Robbins had been relieved of his duty as Police Commissioner in Cyprus, having been responsible for  the death of police officers serving during his tenure, and because the Governor of Cyprus, Field Marshall Harding, reported to London, that he lacked "the inspiration and drive" needed for the job. So, Robbins was sent to Bermuda, by the Colonial Office, where he turned the police force into an ill equipped - uninformed - poorly trained police force to handle riot situations. He removed the rifle squad from riot teams - equipped and replaced red lights and sirens on police cars with low sounding tinkle bells more like ice cream vendors. He then ignored advice from highly experienced police officers who were sent over a year earlier to train our riot squads...on the square outside band block. A typical example was the failure to replace the stock supply of old ineffective tear gas tested on us in the squash court building...and he failed to replace the old 40 inch riot baton with the more effective 24 inch short axe handle style.  The British army unit should have stayed - but were removed a couple of years before the predicted violence. More information should be have been passed down from Special Branch,  and not edited by Robbins who feared for his job again. Robbins was a typical poorly trained, stuffy and priggish  colonial officer, with an alcoholic wife. And the Colonial Office was on its way out, as were the colonies.
I was at Hendon Police College with Ian Davies, and shared the same police lodging in Bermuda at Band Block. I helped him with some exam questions because he had difficulty   understanding application of the law in complex cases. I watched him carefully and slowly restore his old Vespa scooter to near perfect condition. I watched in amazement one night when  he lifted single handed the rear of a police car from a ditch. Ian was a quiet gentle caring giant - strong as an ox. Although, somewhat of a loner, a teetotaler and non smoker, he enjoyed the comradeship, and would always give a helping hand to anyone. He should have been given lengthy rehab treatment and kept on the force in a low profile position, such as a mechanic in the motor vehicle garage. There he would have been kept mentally alert, enjoyed the work, and had shared companionship, and well paid,  with lodging and health care provided...instead he was sent back to UK with a minimal pension, and lived out his life in relative loneliness and somewhat straightened circumstances. It was later reported that he learned to fly a hot air balloon...and, at least he had the police medal to hang on his wall. I doubt if Ian ever bore a grudge for his injuries. For me to spell them out, would be a dis-service to his memory. RIP Ian Davies, you are not forgotten!
Below: Police Constable  Ian Davies with severe head injuries, tended to by fellow police officers George Linnen (kneeling) and Tim Burch (standing) if my memory is correct for the names. Despite the outrageous claims by the racist PLP rabble rousers, the evidence is clearly shown that the police officers only carried their standard issue short wooden truncheons, not the steel pipes etc., so claimed afterwards by the instigators of the riots, who had hidden weapons in preparation for the planned confrontation and attack on the police officers.  An excellent article of those times is written by retired Inspector Roger Sheratt (BIU Evening of Reflection). Roger's report of the BIU public meeting, provides a glimmer of hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel; let us hope it is not a train coming the other way! 

*** From the 2015 website:  "Bermuda is one of the most heavily Policed countries in the world"  It has 477 officers, supported by 136 civilian staff, plus several hundred part time reserves.
Per Capita;  is 7.01 police officers per 1,000 people. The police now have armed squads. While police officers have been shot at, no officers have yet been killed. They all wear protective vests.

Below:  A photo from the 2015 web site of an armed Bermuda Police Officer. This is something, not even dreamed of years ago, when the policy was to call in the army Special Forces units from the UK,  when a situation so required. I guess, they finally got the message in Westminster.

                                   Yes, Bermuda is a "Paradise Lost"